All on 4 dental implants takes into consideration a unique treatment procedure that implicates the replacement of all the missing teeth in a single jaw by making use of only 4 implants. In accordance with thorough literature evidence, All on 4 implant treatment enjoys a 94 percent success rate worldwide. This significantly implies the burgeoning recognition of this exclusive, ultra-modern form of treatment.

The overarching benefits of All on 4 dental implants are specified below:

  • Limited treatment time
  • Minimal number of visits to the dentist required
  • A marginal requirement of any surgical procedures
  • Solidly fixed prosthetic solution
  • Speedy healing and recovery
  • Low maintenance of built-in implants
  • Absolutely natural looking teeth and gums
  • Presence of screw-retained prosthesis offering substantial ease of retrieval
  • Enhanced confidence to laugh effortlessly having no trepidation of dentures getting dropped

What are its key differentiating factors with respect to conventional implants?

  • While traditional methods make use of 5 to 8 implants, this idiosyncratic treatment puts to use only 4 implants.
  • Also, the traditional implant mechanism usually resorts to elaborate bone grafting. This, in turn, protracts the time period of the treatment to nearly 1 year.
  • The technique offered by best All on 4 Dental implants clinics doesn’t call for any transitional bone grafting. This is because the implants are strategically positioned in areas with more jaw bone availability.
  • Thus without the intermediary bone grafting, or for that matter a sinus lift, the aspects of exorbitant cost and too much time consumption are sidestepped.
  • On the contrary, All on 4 Implant treatment is highly systematized, time-saving and cost-effective and goes easy on patients who undergo recurrent surgeries and experience discomfiture associated with customary dental implant remedies.

Who are the ideal candidates for All on 4 implants?

  • Patients who are wearing dentures at present or those having lots of missing teeth or teeth density on shaky grounds are in need of a total replacement of their entire set of teeth.
  • They’re considered good candidates to make the most of this coherent and structured treatment technique.

What happens if a patient is bereft of sufficient bone density?

  • Assuming that you don’t have adequacy as far as bone density around your jaws is concerned, All on 4 implants can then be supplanted by Zygoma implant.
  • The onus lies on a best dental surgeon in Delhi to meticulously review your options after examining your CBCT scan report and decide on the relevance of either All on 4 or Zygoma implants for your individual case.

How do the teeth look like after the treatment?

  • You’ll be surprised to know that the artificial teeth that grace your mouth after All on 4 dental implants treatment proffer you with the look, feel and functionality of your natural teeth.
  • The set of teeth is connected to the joints of the implants and firmly secured in its place. The teeth, as well as the implants, can only be removed by dentists.

How’s the treatment conducted and how long does it take?

  • It’s important for you to be aware of the fact that All on 4 is implemented under local anesthesia or general anesthesia or conscious sedation.
  • The total time taken by the treatment to successfully culminate is just about three to four days after which you can arrive home with a full, confident, toothy smile.

Are there any complications associated with the treatment?

  • Commonly reported post-operative complexities of All on four include sinusitis, oroantral fistula, and parastheis.
  • However, all these complications can suitably be avoided by following the right diagnostic and surgical protocols.

How long do All on 4 implants last?

  • As stated by some of the best All on 4 Dental implants dentists, the treatment lasts a lifetime.
  • The permanence is bolstered by the utilization of highly robust and enduring materials intrinsically designed to last up until 10 years amidst normal conditions.

If you’re interested to learn more about our offerings of All on 4 dental treatment in Delhi, please touch base with our Stunning Dentistry clinic to initiate a consultation. We would be happy to lend you a helping hand and decide on the treatment that perfectly suits your especial needs.