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How are dental implants better than crown and bridges?

Dental implants are the replacement for missing tooth or teeth. They replace both the root and crown of the tooth with the help of a metal (like titanium) screw and an acrylic crown. As they are fixed, they offer more stability than any other treatment method and are durable. For a high success rate of the procedure, visit the best implantologist in India with a lot of experience.

A dental crown often called a cap, is a replacement for the removed portion of the tooth crown. It is supported by the root or the adjacent teeth if necessary. They are made up of ceramic or porcelain. Dental crowns are used as dental veneers for cosmetic purposes, and for disfigured or discolored teeth as well.

Dental bridges are the replacement for missing teeth which are supported by the remaining natural teeth. A bridge has at least 3 or more caps fixed as a single unit.

Why dental implants are better than dental crowns or bridges:

  • Dental implants are fixed inside the jaw bone similar to the root, which offers better aesthetics by having a natural finish.
  • Implants offer the same biting force to the jaw bone and help in avoiding the resorption of the underlying bone. This is the best part compared to bridges or dentures, where there will be resorption of the underlying bone with time.
  • The bridge takes support from the adjacent teeth, so either due to excessive biting forces or resorption of the bone there may be a chance of affecting (mobilizing) the adjacent teeth. Dental implants are fixed inside the jaw, so they do not affect the status of the adjacent tooth.
  • Dental crowns are merely used for cosmetic purposes while dental implants offer both cosmetic and prosthetic functions.
  • Dental crowns and bridges may fall off in cases of using excessive force or when the dental binding cement is washed away over time. Dental implants being fixed inside the jawbone offers maximum stability without falling off.
  • Dental implant surgery while performed by the best dentist in India can guarantee a high success rate along with a lifetime warranty. Dental crowns or bridges or any other dental replacements needed replacements based on the materials used.
  • Dental crowns and bridges need the preparation of the treated tooth or the adjacent teeth, which is an irreversible process. Dental implant treatment does not include adjacent teeth.

We advise you to visit the best dental clinic in India, to get a full mouth checkup and get customized treatment for your condition.