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Why is Root Canal Treatment More Preferable to Dentists?

Whenever a dentist suggests root canal treatment to the patients, they start worrying about it and consider it a painful process. People tend to ignore dental problems due to fear of pain and skip visiting the dentist. This leads to more oral complications. As the world is advancing toward the podium of evolution, many optimistic elements have been added to the world of dentistry. Ultra-modern dentistry is a playing a major role in the betterment of oral hygiene.

Why do Dentists Prefer Root Canal Treatment?

A dentist is a person who is skilled and has all the attributes that help in maintaining the oral hygiene of an individual. People often believe that dentists believe only in extracting the carious tooth but this conception is wrong. May are surprised to know that dentists mostly prefer root canal treatment over-extraction. Here are some reasons:

Chances of an increase in infection

If the carious tooth is left untreated, then the infection keeps on increasing, thereby, creating more pus in the pulp. There is also an increase in pain that might become unbearable.

Avoiding gum infection

If the infected pulp is not cleaned early, then there are chances that the infection can spread to surrounding gum tissues. The infection in the gums can cause bleeding in the gums. Hence, dentists prefer a root canal to avoid further complications.

Disinfection of pulp

The main reason for tooth pain is that the decay harms the pulp to a great extent. The root canal treatment disinfects the decayed tooth and removes the infected pulp, thus relieving the pain.

Cost-effective treatment

Some dental treatment involves huge costs but root canal treatment is quite cost-effective as compared to other treatment options.

Preservation of natural tooth

The dentist believes in preserving the natural tooth. Removal of teeth involves many complications and needs to be replaced with artificial teeth. But the artificial teeth can never function like natural teeth. Hence, it is important to preserve the teeth with root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is an effective treatment that helps in preserving the natural teeth. Most dentists in India prefer a root canal over extraction. As the technology has advanced, the dentist can complete the treatment in a single visit unlike, the olden times when multiple visits were required.