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Tag: root canal treatment

Advancements in Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment in India is considered the best possible treatment to protect the natural tooth without requiring an extraction. It is the process of removing inflamed or infected pulp and filling the pulp cavity with a dental restorative material to preserve the natural tooth. Root canal treatment is required in cases: 1. Fractured or chipped teeth 2. Deep dental…

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Why is Root Canal Treatment More Preferable to Dentists?

Whenever a dentist suggests root canal treatment to the patients, they start worrying about it and consider it a painful process. People tend to ignore dental problems due to fear of pain and skip visiting the dentist. This leads to more oral complications. As the world is advancing toward the podium of evolution, many optimistic elements have been added to…

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Tooth Savior – Root Canal Treatment

Most patients dread root canal treatment. If left untreated, the dental decay progresses deep inside the tooth and reaches the pulp tissue. This may cause severe pain and in some cases, swelling. In such cases, the root canal is the treatment of choice, or else the tooth has to be extracted. The cost of a root canal is decided by…

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Root Canal – When Is It Necessary and Why?

Root Canal Treatment is a routine dental procedure, yet many of us are apprehensive and sceptical when it is our turn to sit at the dental chair. These concerns arise mostly out of a lack of clear knowledge and understanding of the root canal procedure and its need. Therefore, present below is all the information you might need to brighten…

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Root Canal Therapy in Modern Dentistry

In similarity with any other field, technological advancements in dentistry have brought the benefits of ease, comfort and perfection to the dental treatment process. Modern-day dental remedies are quick, economical, painless as well as esthetically pleasing. Such breakthrough advancements have also changed the outlook towards Root Canal Therapies. These are the routinely performed dental procedures aimed at removing the infected…

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Root Canal Treatment on a Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth are most prone to dental decay as it is located posteriorly and has wrinkled occlusal anatomy. This leads to plaque accumulation and also hinders the proper cleaning of the tooth surface. Most of the third molar has an abnormal eruption pattern and may lead to periodontal and gingival diseases. Owing to all these factors, wisdom tooth removal is…

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