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Missing teeth? The most successful tooth replacement options in India

Missing teeth can be a result of trauma, gum disease, tooth decay, or even a chronic genetic condition. Whatever the reason, a missing tooth can be a hindrance to not only your appearance but also to your daily activities such as eating and talking. This problem has a solution of getting an artificial replacement in a dental clinic. Do visit the best dental clinic in India to determine the best treatment which suits your condition. There are 3 different types of tooth replacement options available in India. They are:

● An implant-supported prosthesis is the best option. Whether it is a single tooth or a bridge or a denture, they can be supported by a single or few numbers of implants. Dental implants are considered the successful replacement option because they can control or stop the resorption of the underlying bone. As it is fixed, it gives the appearance of a natural tooth and you can carry out all your daily activities such as eating or talking in comfort. Also, it is a lifetime treatment and does not need any replacements or adjustments like other tooth replacement options. We advise you to visit the best dental clinic in Delhi to get a customized treatment plan for your condition.

● A fixed dental prosthesis is a preferable option when there are a few missing teeth which can be replaced with the help of supporting adjacent teeth. They can be typically considered bridges. In addition, if there are no supporting healthy teeth, likely there is no possibility of getting a fixed prosthesis as there will be worst scenarios for the ill-fitting prosthesis such as dislodgement of the bridge or can even affect the adjacent supporting teeth. Do visit the best prosthodontist in India to get the best dental treatment with a high success rate.

● A removable dental prosthesis is the least preferable alternative to get your dental replacement. They can be either a single tooth or a bridge or a complete denture. These replicate the artificial teeth with a pink base. But are least preferable as they can cause resorption of the underlying bone. Also as they have no support they can slip from the ridge during daily activities like eating and talking. And can even cause irritation or inflammation of the surrounding soft tissues and are considered quite uncomfortable.

Another replacement option is called a flipper; which is similar to a removable prosthesis but doesn’t have clasp support and can be easily removed compared to a removable dental prosthesis and is generally used as a temporary treatment option.

We advise you to choose the best option that suits your oral condition without thinking only about the cost of the procedure. Visit the best dental clinic in India that has experienced specialists for every dental problem of yours with reasonable prices.