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Advanced Dental Technologies and Dental Clinics in New Delhi, India

Dentistry in India is not very advanced as people generally do not go for preventive care. But, nowadays as people are getting educated like in urban areas they are understanding the concept of prevention is better than cure. So, not all dental clinics have advanced technology and equipment. We advise you to visit the best dental clinic in India which has all the advanced technology and equipment along with experienced specialists. Some of the advanced dental technologies introduced in India are available in Delhi. They are:

  • Invisalign is one of the latest technologies introduced in India. People who want to take orthodontic treatment and also want to look attractive are very disappointed with fixed orthodontic braces. This treatment is a boon for people who want removable and painless treatment.
  • CEREC in India is one of the most advanced procedures. Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic is the modern computerized technology that facilitates the patients to get a ceramic crown in a single visit. This technology is initially used in restorative dentistry which is advanced and is now used in orthodontics and implantology.
  • Using a microscope in dentistry is also one of the few treatments which are introduced in recent times. Microscope dentistry in India is useful during the procedures of aesthetics and even in root canal treatment. This is becoming popular in India as it helps ease the treatment procedure and increases its success rate.
  • Using LASERs in dentistry was introduced a few years back and now it is one of the most popular treatments in India. It is one of the few techniques which is used in numerous procedures of dentistry such as teeth whitening, gingivectomy, frenectomy, root canal treatment, gum depigmentation, bleeding gums, and even wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Digital smile designing is available in only a few dental clinics in India as it is an advanced technique and requires specific equipment and software. This is a revolutionary procedure where the patient’s oral cavity is analyzed using photos, videos, and a digital impression. This information is processed through specific software and digitally your treatment plan is curated. The best advantage is the time of the entire treatment process along with your progress can be determined in this procedure.
  • Tscan or Tek scan is a digitalized program that helps in analyzing the bite of the patient. This helps in finding any jaw bone or temporomandibular joint abnormalities in the patient. Also, joint vibration analysis is a similar technique that helps in analyzing temporomandibular joint abnormalities.