In this day and age, cosmetic dentistry has garnered thumping popularity the world over. Right from whitening and reconfiguring to bridging gaps in and replacing teeth! Smile design is all this and more. And today smile designing experts, more than ever before, have at their disposal, a broad range of techniques and tools to rev up your smile.

What is a digital smile design?

  • It’s a pragmatic diagnosis and corrective methodology that gives assistance to a clinician for visualizing and measuring gingival discrepancies such as tooth form and color.
  • When you apply the idiosyncratic and innovative principle of digital smile designing, the essential measures that call for a harmonic smile correction may well be properly ascertained.

Aesthetic planning and procedure

  • The initial step involves accomplishing the individual application of the digital smile concept for a proper evaluation of the gingival level, the tooth form, and the contour with the help of a specialized design tool.
  • The method agrees to an establishment of contours with uneven structures.
  • The tool also permits careful monitoring of the typical contours of the gums and the standard formats of the teeth as well.
  • Once this isolated evaluation is completed, both the analysis are comingled by the smile designing dentist to bring to fruition the correct contour of each structure.
  • At this juncture, the facial profile ideally would show no midline discrepancy with a correctly defined incisal edge.
  • In this way, Golden Proportion, a critical aspect in aesthetic dentistry that creates geometric or mathematical proportions is applied for central incisors.
  • The midline is confirmed based on the distance between mutual upper cuspids.
  • Once the width of the central incisors is determined, the concept of Golden Proportion is re-applied to find out the lateral incisor width and canine width.
  • Initial smile design, in certain likelihood, offers no horizontal tooth discrepancy but only a slight vertical irregularity.
  • Transfer of measures and proportion to the stone cast is done thereby forming an appropriate wax-up.
  • A preliminary mock-up is set on the patient by using the wax-up replicated with acrylic resin.
  • A patient can use this interim restoration for a week’s time to judge the look and ask for approval from the family.
  • Once the patient undergoing the best smile designing treatment accords the aesthetic approval gingivectomy is performed as directed by the tooth contour of the interim restoration.
  • This is followed by the removal of the core-crown and execution of endodontic retreatment in the two lateral incisors.
  • Silicon used in diagnosing wax-up duplication also finds use to guide the crown wax-up once the use of heat-pushed ceramic crown is ascertained.
  • Crowns are fitted to the patient and adjustments are made especially in the protrusion.
  • Once the corrected form and contour are achieved, the staining procedures are performed using the right color and incisal representation.

Closing stages

  • It’s to be noted that digital smile design service isn’t just an aesthetic guide protocol.
  • At the same time, the steps give more predictability about the overarching treatment phases to both the patient and clinician.
  • The final smile design is displayed on the computer which the patient can make use of in course of the provisional restoration steps.
  • An all-ceramic crown coupled with fiberglass posts may result in increased tooth translucence that further aggrandizes the aesthetic outcome.

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