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What are All-on-4 teeth implants and its benefits?

All-on-4 implants are a revolutionary approach where the bridge of the entire arch is based on 4 implants. All-on-4 implants in India are becoming popular due to their advantages and are preferred over other bridges such as all-on-6 implants and all-on-8.

Dental Implants Procedure:

  1. Visit the best dentist in India to get a complete oral checkup and determine whether the implant method suits your health condition.
  2. The dentist takes full dental & medical history and also examines the x-ray and 3D images of the patient’s oral cavity. After assessing the entire data your dentist gives a treatment plan according to your condition.
  3. Measurements like the height and width of the gums are taken to select the implant size, shape, and angle to be inserted. This is a crucial part because the treatment plan will be customized according to the measurements. If the patient requires additional treatment such as ridge reduction or bone grafting, the treatment plan is customized to get that natural finish and perfect fit.
  4. Before the surgery, your dental surgeon measures the natural distance between both jaws to ensure the same after the procedure.
  5. The patient is sedated and then the teeth or the remnants of the teeth to be extracted are removed without damaging surrounding soft tissues. If ridge reduction is needed, it’s done at this point to even out the ridge so that the implants are placed in their position.
  6. Then the places where implants are needed to be fixed are marked and the exposed bone is drilled at these points to accommodate implants.
  7. Then the implant posts are placed inside the jaw bone and are closed. They are given approximately 3 months for the growth of bone around the implant.
  8. The patient is called 2-3 days after surgery to get a temporary prosthesis. After the implant post is stabilized by bone, an All-on-4 dental bridge is placed.

Benefits of All-on-4 implants:

  • Even suited to older people because of the short treatment time.
  • Less invasion of tissues, so the recovery time is minimum.
  • The high success rate of the procedure.
  • All the functions can be resumed immediately.

This Dental Implants procedure involves less invasion, it is suited for all people; except people with the severely constricted jaw bone.

Points to consider:

  • The success rate is reduced in individuals with smoking habits or severe diabetes.
  • The main criteria for the implant procedure are the minimum height and width of both jaw bones.
  • Must have proper oral health to achieve implant stability primarily.

Do visit the best dental clinic in India that ensures maximum success rate by providing the best services along with experienced specialists.