3D dental implant technology is used to benefit from placing your dental implants with precision much needed for a perfect natural looking appearance and longevity.

Why’s 3D dental implant a better option?

  • As a rule dental implants need to be fully encased within the jawbone to replicate the function of a tooth.
  • A 2D image (let’s say a standard dental X-Ray) is incapable to gauge the correct dimensions of the jawbone at a site suggested for dental implant placement.
  • Conversely, a 3D CBCT image visualized by an intraoral scanner empowers doctors from a 3D dental implant hospital to accurately measure the length, width, and height of the implant site.
  • The image also facilitates spotting the location of key adjacent anatomical structures.
  • These include sinus cavities, nerves, and other teeth.
  • The significance of the pre-operative planning can’t be exaggerated.

How’s 3D technology leveraged to ameliorate a dental implant?

  • As a dental implant has to be fitted adequately into the jawbone, it’s common that a few dentists take only the bone dimensions into account while positioning implants.
  • But specialists from a best 3D dental implant surgeon clinic, besides digitally delineating and envisaging the precise implant position, are capable of evaluating and integrating the final crown’s shape, size, and location amid the pre-operative planning process.
  • Thus the 3D dental implant treatment engenders a copybook situation where the angular positioning of the implant helps withstand the chewing forces which the final crown will have to go through.
  • However, when the implant is placed at an improper angle with respect to the final crown into a healthy jawbone, it’s most likely to fail in the long run.
  • Therefore, planning the crown is foremost and achieving that can help outline the overall implant system consisting of the implant body, the abutment, and crown for longstanding success.

What is the process of a typical 3D dental implant treatment?

The overall treatment is categorized into three distinct phases.


  • This is the first stage where you have the best dental surgeon gathering vital information related to the proposed implant site.
  • The effort includes carrying out a 3D intraoral scan and a 3D CBCT imaging.
  • This process of information collection followed by the tests involves only a few minutes. However, the actual work gets done in the background.
  • A best 3D dental implant surgeon teams up with certified dental technicians in designing the exact shape, size, contours and the position where the final crown would be placed.
  • The team pulls in resources to incorporate a digital prototype of the crown into the CBCT software which is essentially a 3D X-Ray of the underlying jaw bone structure.
  • This is accomplished with the help of the final crown which provides guidance in determining the suitable position of the dental implant
  • The information about the finalized position of the implant is transmitted to a dental lab.
  • The lab functions in creating a tool known as the surgical guide which comes to the aid and abet of initiating a streamline positioning of the implant in complicated cases.


  • In the course of the best 3D dental implant surgery in Delhi, the surgeon and team may resort to the surgical guide.
  • This is necessary to translate the entire digital planning to ensure maximum accuracy in the placement of the dental implant.
  • The dental implant is fixed into the earmarked position within the confines of the jawbone.
  • It’s covered with a healing canopy and left undisturbed for several months to effectuate steady and proper healing.
  • It may be noted the healing period keeps varying with the patients.


  • Once the implant exhibits a complete healing and tight adherence to the jawbone, the same is ready to endure chewing forces.
  • The implant along with the adjacent and opposing set of teeth is digitally scanned by 3D dental implant experts with the help of an intraoral scanner.
  • The 3D digital model is subsequently informed back to the technician at the dental lab to create the crown and the physical abutment.
  • Once fabricated the crown together with the abutment is fitted to the dental implant and secured for good.

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