We all receive enough information about taking good care of oral health. The basic knowledge shared with us in schools and our elders about oral hygiene is to brush teeth twice a day and also gargle after eating something. However, in some cases, people suffer from weak gums. The initial signs of suffering from week gums will be by noticing a tinge of bleeding while brushing in the morning.

Always remember no small occurrence this way shall be neglected. It is highly advisable that an individual should never take gums that bleed lightly. There is a tendency if one is facing a mild variety of gingivitis which affects the gums. This causes infection to the gums. If it is not treated at the earliest, then it can also affect the patient’s bone. This can further lead to diseases like periodontitis.

What are the common symptoms that state you are suffering from infected gums?

  • The gums tend to bleed and swell
  • You will be prone to suffer from receding gums
  • There are chances of noticing pus flow through gums
  • Issues related to bad breath
  • Loosening of teeth
  • Severe pain while biting an eatable

If you are facing any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is essential to consult a doctor before seeking self-medication.

Tips for self-treatment of gum disease:

Maintaining healthy gums is essential. Just as you take care of the skin, you could take tender care of your gums. This will prevent you from suffering from other issues related to oral hygiene like cavities caused due to tooth decay and other oral problems.

  • Maintain a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day

If you have wondered how brushing your teeth twice can help, the fluoride involved in the toothpaste acts as an astringent in the mouth. It helps to protect the teeth from germs that cause bacteria. This helps in maintaining clean gums.

  • Gargle with a mouth wash

Patients suffering from symptoms related to gum disorders are prone to suffer from bad breath. Gargling with a mouth wash will help to kill bacteria that cause plague.

  • Visit your dentist

Just as you visit a physician see a dentist twice a year. This will help you in maintaining your teeth if you do not take the necessary efforts to take care of it. This will also prevent infection of gums.

The types of treatment that can rescue you damaged gums are:

In many cases, people don’t pay attention to gum disorders until and unless it gets worse. However, the dentist still tries to give the best treatment of gum diseases and restore the gums safely

  • Dental cleaning- This needs to be done twice a year. It helps to get rid of the plague, and tartar in the mouth.
  • Root planning and scaling treatment – This treatment is advanced which helps in cleansing the gums and the roots if there is any infection.
  • Flap Surgery – If the damage caused is severe flap surgery is used to tackle with the bone tissues.

Some of the risks of gum disorders can cause are:


Heart disease




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