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Tag: smile design

The Digital 3D Smile Designing for You

Each one of us desires a beautiful smile that would enhance our facial features and complement our personality. The way to that dream smile is definitely through cosmetic dental treatment. But what if you could visualise the final smile before the treatment even begins? Or if you could tweak up and modify the outcome according to your requirements or further…

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Protecting Your Smile with Proper Teeth Care

A pearly white smile is enough to create a long-lasting impression while a tight-lipped smile has the opposite effect on the person. It is very important to take proper care of teeth in order to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. The dentist in India recommends some tips that help in keeping the teeth and gums strong and give a…

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How to Get the Perfect Hollywood Smile

Everyone dreams of a perfect Hollywood smile and the recent technological advances have made it possible to achieve it easily. A perfect smile with pearly white and straight teeth can be easily achieved through cosmetic dentistry. As the trend is growing, there is an increase in the demand for cosmetic dentistry procedures. There are a wide variety of treatment options…

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Cosmetic Dentistry Helps You Get a Confident Smile

A smile can conquer thousands of hearts. It makes an impression and has the ability to leave a long-lasting impact. It is one of the parameters that judge genuine beauty. An excellent and alluring smile imparts self-confidence and is important in boosting personality. Cosmetic dentistry is a widely accepted branch of dentistry that plays a major role in transforming the…

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Smile Makeovers with Lumineers – As thin as a contact lens

Not everyone is blessed with a perfect smile. But, it is easier to achieve a stunning smile with the help of advanced technologies in the field of dentistry, especially cosmetic dentistry. Dental lumineers play a major role in smile makeovers and smile designing. Lumineers in Delhi is an extensively practiced procedure and is very effective in smile designing. A flawless…

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