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A diastema is a gap present between two teeth. It is generally present with upper front incisors. Though some people consider it lucky, others may have related esthetic concerns demanding corrective treatment.


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Diastema ClosureDiagnosis & Planning

» It may be present due to discrepancy in tooth and jaw size proportion.
» High frenum attachment or periodontal disease may also be the reason.
» Relapse of an orthodontic treatment may also lead to diastema if the retention is not followed.
» In kids it may be due to the developing dentition or habits like tongue thrusting.


Diastema ClosureTreatment

» It is important for the dentist to find out the reason for the diastema or gap between teeth. The factor responsible drives the treatment planning and involves the removal of the same. The tooth size jaw size proportion can be corrected by addition of material artificially. This can be achieved by composite bonding or placement of veneers.
» The veneers may be minimally prepared or no prep depending on the size of the diastema. Small gaps may be closed to reduced using these methods.
» In case of larger gaps orthodontic treatment can be performed in combination with veneers or composite binding. A permanent orthodontic retainer may be used to prevent the relapse.
» Young kids develop a self correcting diastema where the gap between the flared incisors is corrected by itself with the eruption of permanent teeth.
» In patients with tongue thrusting habit, the breaking of habit is necessary before initiating treatment to avoid further damage to the soft and hard tissues.
» Diastema resulting from periodontal infection needs immediate attention to prevent the loss of excessive bone and therefore the tooth.
» The treatment plan totally depends on the factor responsible for it.

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Diastema ClosureTechnology
Our Internationally trained team has 10+ years of experience in providing the best dental care.

» LASER’s can be used to precisely remove the high frenal attachment with faster healing procedure and also provides a bloodless surgery. The coagulation ability also minimized the bleeding if any during the procedure.

» Dental Veneers can be fabricated and instantly bonded on the day of the appointment with our CEREC milling machine. Our CAD-CAM designed ceramic restorations have superior quality and premium aesthetics.

PlanningKnow about Your Treatment Visits

In stunning dentistry, composite veneers or porcelain veneers, the procedure will be completed mostly in a single visit, and the maximum of two visits.

Visit One

  • » Consultation and diagnosis
  • » Photoshoots and video shoot
  • » X-rays
  • » 3D smile designing scan
  • » Treatment discussion and confirmation

Visit Two

  • » Procedure
  • » Impression with 3D scanner
  • » Bonding " Gap Filling
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  • Will the diastema recur after the treatment?
    We thoroughly assess the clinical condition to rule out the reason of diastema and plan the treatment accordingly to avoid any relapse.
  • Can orthodontic treatment be done to completely close the diastema?
    Orthodontic treatment followed by permanent retainer is one of the options to correct the diastema. It can be used in conjunction with veneers or composite bonding in case of very large gaps.
  • Does my kid need treatment for diastema as well?
    Depending on the age of the kid and with clinical assessment, we determine the reason for the diastema. A self correcting diastema does not need any intervention.

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Teeth Gap Closure TreatmentWhy We Need

Gap in between two teeth may make a huge difference in the overall appearance. Hence, it is important to treat the gap present in the teeth for the following reasons: :
» It enhances the look of an individual.
» If there is significant gap, then the patient might suffer from the habit of tongue thrusting.
» Proper brushing is not possible that may lead to periodontal problems.
» If not treated, it may also lead to speech defects.
» The chances of caries can be avoided as patient can maintain proper oral hyience.

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