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Tag: tooth pain

What causes dental cavities and tooth pain?

Dental cavities also known as dental caries are the holes or perforations formed on the hard surface of the tooth. It is irreversible and the lost layers of teeth cannot be formed again. There is no significance of the factors such as gender or age to determine the occurrence of this condition. It is not possible to discover caries on…

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Causes of Toothache Or Tooth Pain That You Must Know

Toothache is a nightmare for anyone and everyone. It is very difficult to ignore tooth pain irrespective of its severity. A toothache or tooth pain is nothing but a pain that is felt around the tooth. It is generally a sign that is something is wrong with the tooth or the surrounding gums. The severity of tooth pain may range…

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Wisdom Tooth: Pain, Symptoms, and Treatment

The wisdom tooth or third molar is generally the last tooth to erupt in the oral cavity. Many people face issues with their wisdom teeth as in several cases, the tooth is impacted and is the cause of tremendous pain. It is important to notice the warning signs of a troublesome wisdom tooth. Some people may experience continuous pain while…

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction – The Painless Way

Wisdom tooth extractions is the last recommendation given by any dentist. Most people fear dental pain and the procedures associated with it. The dentist always tries to preserve the tooth but resort to extraction if the tooth is impossible to save. Reason for Extractions of Wisdom Tooth ● Severe Infection: If there is a severe infection, then the dentist advises…

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