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Full Mouth Implant Restoration

Ageing has a manifold effect on our bodies. One common affliction in our elderly population is periodontal disease with eventual loss of teeth, healthy gum tissue and underlying bone. The disease ramifies to eating and articulation difficulties besides obvious esthetic concerns. A few decades back, any dentist would proudly suggest complete dentures to rehabilitate the patients. But those uncomfortable and…

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The Different Kinds of Braces

Most of us are not genetically blessed with picture-perfect teeth. That said, achieving a celebrity-like smile is now possible for anyone, courtesy of rapidly advancing dental technologies and a range of swift solutions. Commonly, the advice that most orthodontics give to their patients involves the use of a certain type of dental braces. These devices have proven to be so…

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Periodontal Disease: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Periodontal disease is a common yet very formidable condition that can lead to dire consequences. Despite being a prevailing oral condition, our knowledge about the disease, its symptoms and management is limited. Knowing that gum health is crucial for maintaining overall oral health, we are providing below a brief guide to the gum disease, its usual symptoms as well as…

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Innovative Solutions to Straighten your Teeth

In this era of photoshops and filters, most of us are not satisfied with our looks, so we always tend to find solutions that would offer transformation and enhanced confidence. The same stands true for our smile as well. Although orthodontic braces are a sure-shot way to straighten up those teeth, these conventional metallic braces are sometimes not a feasible…

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Get a Dazzling Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Our desire to look good and presentable is innate.-It boosts our confidence and self esteem. And one thing that perks up any look is a full-fledged smile with bright, flawless teeth. Keeping this smile intact is one hard task, but the real trouble is that most of us lack a perfect teeth alignment, or have issues of broken, chipped or…

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Benefits of Zygomatic Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the new-age mode of dental treatment. Now, even if you lose your teeth to caries or periodontal disease, you can still have that stunning and bright smile back with an implant placement procedure. With every passing day, revolutionary advancements of this field provide us with innovative and simpler solutions to make the implant placement process possible for…

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