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Stunning Dentistry Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) in Delhi – Most Effective for Infection Induced Tooth Pain

Save Teeth by Deep Cleaning With Root Canal Treatment

Stunning Dentistry Goes to the Root Level for Teeth Care

Tooth extraction was the only option for damaged, decayed, infected or cavities-affected tooth even in the recent past. Bacterial infection in the tooth pulp exposed the dental nerves to the onslaught of bacteria causing sharp stinging pain. But the future seemed bright when Root Canal Treatment was devised as the most innovative surgery Relieving patients of an unbearable tooth ache.

In no time RCT emerged as a beneficial option for preserving teeth by cleansing teeth from deep within. It was a sigh of relief for root canal treatment dentist and patient alike because there was no need to lose teeth to cavities or decay.

Till date, it is adding to the count of happy smiling faces worldwide.

Best Clinic & Best Dental Experts for RCT

Stunning Dentistry has the best RCT dentist in South Delhi at its multispecialty dental hospital. Infrastructure and advanced dental equipments coupled with the best patients’ comfort make the Delhi-based clinic the best choice in root canal procedure at attractive price.

Make Teeth Infection Free with RCT Care

It has become the savior for the most infected tooth – this is the prime benefit of Root Canal Treatment.

Crown up your Teeth with Effective Results

The dentist cleans the root canals, fill up the space with medicated temporary fillers until the teeth crown is placed on top of the teeth. There are varied types of dental crowns (or tooth cap) placed of cleaned and chiseled teeth:

Ensure Vital Tooth Care with Deep Cleaning of Tooth Pulp

Root canal Treatment cures infection. Infections can occur due to injury to the teeth, cracks, chips or long neglected cavity, which penetrates downward to infect the pulp (pulpitis) and nerve endings at the end of the root canal.

RCT is required when there is inflammation of the pulp, and in some cases death of the pulp making teeth non-vital.

The prime objective of RCT, an endodontic treatment, is to remove the bacteria-infected inflamed pulp tissue. The best root canal specialist employs the advanced RCT procedures to eliminate infection, reduce pain and save teeth over single or multiple RCT sitting.

Dentists of Stunning Dentistry take recourse to 3D X-ray photographs of the infected teeth to analyze the nature of the infection. X-rays help doctors to study endodontic health of supporting bones and tissues. The best endodontic equipments and gum anesthesia are used for the surgery.

Single sitting RCT has become highly popular because of the availability of advanced surgery procedures which speed up the process and make it painless.