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Stunning Dentistry Treatment

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Delhi, India– The Best Insurance for a Smiling Face

Shape up your Face and Smile with Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Ensure Beauty and Health of Mouth @ Stunning Dentistry

Full mouth rehabilitation can put a smile back on your face because it is a kind of combo treatment that clubs general dentistry with cosmetic dentistry. Quite few reasons are there to opt for such a dental procedure – wearing of teeth, congenital facial anomalies or accident related defects.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a tough job among umpteen dental treatments and procedures. It needs finest level of precision to set a crooked mouth, distorted smile or an inherited maxillofacial defect.

Experienced dentists of Delhi-based Stunning Dentistry make full mouth rehabilitation therapy seem a cakewalk.

We Care for Aesthetics, We Care for Comfort

Stunning Dentistry has happily changed lives of many with successful facial reconstruction. The dental doctors decide on the course of the action after 3D scanning of the mouth.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a kind of joint venture of doctors specializing in varied streams of dentistry in a dental hospital enjoying certified excellence in infrastructure and equipments.

The cost of full mouth Implants may be high but when optimum level of comfort is ensured at every session, spending over facial makeover is worthwhile.

We are Your Smile Makers

Get the best possible outcome with life-transforming full mouth rehabilitation. The benefits include-

  • The most stunning smile
  • Prevention of wearing out of teeth
  • Comfortable bite
  • Improved chewing capacity
  • Speech enhancement
  • Ensuring healthy gums
  • Boosting of confidence

Types of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Smile Makeover and More

Multiple dental treatments join hands to give you something more than mere smile makeover. Based on the case history of patient and nature of defects, dental experts at Stunning Dentistry perform full mouth rehabilitation with implants besides other popular treatments, such as:

  • Crowns
  • Onlays
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Dentures

All these combine to give the most pleasing appearance along with chewing efficiency and speech efficiency.

We Care for the Aesthetics of Your Face

Now Nothing Seems Impossible – Guaranteed Smiles

Teeth whitening treatment is required when there is discoloration of teeth due to long deposition of unclean plaque, smoking, chewing of betel nut or tobacco, and intake of dark-colored drinks like coffee, tea, cola and red wine.

Aging, teeth trauma or intrinsic stains (within teeth) due to over exposure to fluoride are other causes of discoloration. But bleaching teeth whitening procedure works only on extrinsic stains.

Technology - Advancements in the Field of Teeth Whitening

The latest, advanced dental technology can achieve the most stunning result in defining a perfect smile. Dentists employ Light Activated Teeth Whitening, Zoom White Speed Lamp and Laser Teeth Whitening procedures for magical transformation from stains to pearly whites.

Whiteners used for restoring original color of teeth are of the highest international quality. Bleaching agents used for teeth cleaning methods work best on yellow stains. The success rate lowers down with brown or grey stains. Even then top dental practitioners of Stunning Dentistry ensure that you get optimum results in teeth whitening at best cost.

Full mouth restoration before after stories has enhanced the reputation of Stunning Dentistry. The doctors chart out the necessity and benefits of complete facial restoration.

This kind of treatment is primarily required by patients who have numerous dental issues like:

  • Damaged teeth due to abrasion, erosion (due to gastric influx), and teeth grinding
  • Edentulous smile due to aging or widespread tooth decay
  • Dental trauma
  • Sore and infected gums
  • Upper and lower jaw defects
  • Misalignment of anterior and posterior set of teeth

Dental Implant Brands With Us